Dreams About Your Teeth Falling Out: What It Means

Guy with his hands on his heading grimacing after having a dream of his teeth falling out

Have you ever had a dream about your teeth falling out? Have you dreamt it multiple times? Dreams about your teeth falling out could indicate stressors in your life. According to Dream Dictionary, these dreams could be due to a few different things: transition, insecurity, or loss. Are you going through a big transition in […]

Help us Celebrate our NEW WEBSITE by Joining our Scavenger Hunt!

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We’ve launched our new website and we’re celebrating with a scavenger hunt – you could win! (There are some seriously awesome prizes!) Our new site is mobile friendly, easy to use, and is loaded with helpful dental information and details about our practice that might be news to you! We think you’re going to love […]

Ask Dr. Jackson Babcock: “What Type of Floss Should I Use?”

Dentist in Elkridge

When you walk down the oral care aisle at your local drugstore, you might be completely overwhelmed by the dizzying array of floss options! Unwaxed, waxed, tape, flavored, unflavored, picks…how do you choose the right floss for you? Is one type better or more effective than others? No matter which option you choose, it’s imperative […]

Give Your Teeth a Fighting Chance: Avoid These Dental Enemies

Your teeth have many friends: toothpaste, floss, fluoride, water, healthy foods, and of course, your Elkridge dentist, Dr.Patricia Babcock! But did you know the health and well‐being of your pearly whites could be under attack from dental enemies? It’s true! You might be able to identify a few smile nemeses ‐ candy and soda might […]

8 Reasons to Choose the CLEAR Alternative to Traditional Metal Braces!

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 Are you dissatisfied with your smile? You may have dreamed of having straight teeth, but perhaps you can’t get past the idea of having the “metal mouth” look. Did you know there’s a CLEAR alternative? Your friends, family members, and coworkers may not even realize you’re having orthodontic work done! Here at Elkridge Family Dentistry, […]

Fluoride and Sealants: They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore

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You’re very diligent about brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. You even make sure you see your Dentist in Elkridge, Dr. Jackson Babcock and Natalie at least twice a year for your checkup and cleaning! Then one day, Dr. Jackson Babcock tells you you have a cavity! How could this happen? Believe it or not, the […]

Does Your Smile Really Reveal the REAL You?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? You’re at a family wedding and the photographer aims the lens at you. Panic sets in. You’re posing for a new professional headshot and you smile with a closed mouth, hoping it looks natural. You’re conversing with a new acquaintance and you suddenly feel self-conscious about […]