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As one of the top dentists in Elkridge, MD, Dr. Patricia Jackson Babcock states, “Our team goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out.”

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Account Manager

Chris is our Account Manager and joined our team in April of 2013. She has nearly 25 years experience in the business world, having worked in the insurance industry for 4 years and managing rental properties for the past 20 years. Chris is very bright, enthusiastic and conscientious and behind her soft-spoken manner is a dynamic professional. She enjoys cooking and helping others, which is a blessing to us because of the delicious dishes she brings in to share. Chris and her husband, Ramsey, have two children, Daniel and Cynthia. In her free time, she enjoys flower arranging, sewing, entertaining and spending time with her adorable grandson, Liam, family and friends.


Treatment Coordinator

Jackie is one of our Treatment Coordinators and joined our team in January of 2013. She completed her advanced training in dental assisting at Dental Studies in New Jersey, graduating in 2003. She is a certified Dental Radiation Technologist and Qualified Dental Assistant. Jackie has been in the dental field since 2001. She is very energetic and hard working. Our patients enjoy her easy-going temperament and gentle touch. When away from the office Jackie enjoys the outdoors, whether it be hiking, catching rays at the beach or playing fetch with her dogs at the park. Jackie and her husband, Jason, are thrilled to be expecting their first child this coming fall.


Treatment Coordinator

Kathie has been one of our Treatment Coordinators since February of 1993. She brings her extensive experience with her, as she has been in the dental field since 1989. She is a certified Dental Radiation Technologist and Qualified Dental Assistant. Kathie enjoys all areas of dentistry and is especially proficient in cosmetic procedures. Her great listening skills and friendly manner have endeared her to most of our patients. Kathie is a real "people-person" and has a special gift of remembering the dates of special events of many of our patients. She has four children, Tyler, Cameron, Marissa and Kate. In her free time, Kathie enjoys decorating, traveling and spending time with her husband, Bob, family and friends.


Dental Hygienist

Natalie is our Dental Hygienist and joined our team in January of 2012 bringing with her 4 years of experience in the dental field. She received her degree in Dental Hygiene from Gulf State College in Florida in 2009 and has worked in private practice since that time in Boston. In March 2010, she received her license to administer local anesthesia. Natalie shares dentist in Elkridge, MD, Dr. Patty Babcock's philosophy in her pursuit of continuing education. She delivers excellent patient care with vibrancy and enthusiasm, putting our patients at ease with her professional manner and gentle touch. In addition to spending time with her husband, Josh, in Natalie’s free time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as running, biking and playing fetch with her dogs, Mac, and Percy.

What can you expect from us?

Dentists Elkridge MD


With more than 25 years of experience, our knowledge and skill are constantly sharpened.

Dentists Elkridge MD


We ensure patient satisfaction with our friendly nature and attentiveness.

Dentists Elkridge MD


Our standards are high. We make decisions responsibly and are open with one another.


"One of my worst fears in life is visiting the dentist (no joke). Dr. Babcock and the whole team have been nothing short of brilliant. I now have a great smile and great teeth. They have been so kind, patient and fun. Dr. Babcock and the whole team really are second to none. I can’t thank them enough. Thank you all so much."

David, Thankful Patient


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